Employment Opportunities

We believe in the 9-5 workday.

We start every morning with a 9am company-wide meeting. We go over what work needs to be done that day, as well as present current work, or any internal projects. By 9:30 we are done and ready to get to work.

There is usually an opportunity to take a break when you need it, and I am a big fan of espresso, so that’s always around, but we work through to lunch.

After lunch we turn roughs in to finished product, finalize our work, or present our sketches to the clients for approval, if needed.

At 5:00 we meet again to recap the day, talk about tomorrow,  and tie up any loose ends. Then it’s goodnight, see you tomorrow.

After a dozen or so start-ups and new companies that I have either done, or worked at, burn-out was always a big risk. But I found that longer hours never consistently transformed into better, or more work. That is why we structure ourselves a busy day, that goes fast, is rewarding, and allows you to do other things in our life after work.

We get better designers, you get to stay busy.

If this sounds like an environment you would like, look at the jobs below, see where you fit, and fill out the reply form. We promise get back to you in one to two business days.


Company Rule: We read the Wall Street Journal everyday before the morning meeting.

We work for business so we have to know how business works. You are expected to read the Wall Street Journal every morning before the 9am meeting. Copies will be available at work, or we can reimburse you if you buy it at home. This is a habit I picked up 36 years ago and it is one of the most important things you can take away from us. We solve problems for businesses, fortunately for us businesses have a lot of problems they need solved, and reading the journal before work every morning gives you a lot of ideas, which you need as a designer.


Paid Internship

$15/hour 13 weeks, M-F 9-5:30

This is a fully immersive program for anyone with some artistic skills. Whether it be painting, photography, video, type, content creation, or wordsmith, If you want to learn how to be a graphic designer but have little or no experience, then this is for you.

We will cover a different topic every week and show you how to go from sketch to finish product, using the Adobe Creative Suite of tools.

Starting with inDesign, we will cover the following topics as well as introduce the Adobe software to use:

#1 Researching a project without using Google

#2 The frame and how text works inside.

#3 How color works and how to make it work for you.

#4 The camera as your trusted tool

#5 The print, the book, the magazine.

#6 Using WordPress for content

#7 The WordPress Step Child and how it works.

#8 The Icon and the Illustrator

#9 Movement and animation

#10 Video and editing

#11 Advertisements Traditional

#12 Advertisements Non Traditional

#13 Your Portfolio both online and off

You will also have projects and learn to present them in our morning meeting. If at the end of the 13 weeks, if both of us agree, you can start immediately as a junior designer.



Junior Designer

$22.50/hour, M-F 9-5:30 + Company Stock Plan

As a junior designer, you will work on the many internal projects we have, such as IPhotoNewYork, 100PYMO, or zyxwvvwxyz galleries. You will continue to participate in all the meetings and will work directly with a Director on inside projects, as well as shadow a designer, or team, on their outside projects. This is a great time to soak it all in and learn as much as possible. The software skills can only be learned by repetitiveness, and just as important as knowing how to do something, you need to know what to use to get the job done.

As soon as you have shown yourself to be proficient across the spectrum of work we do, you can be promoted to Designer.




$30/ hour, M-F 9-5:30 + Percentage of all Billable Hours + Company Stock Plan

A designer needs to be able to conceptualize and sketch out solutions and follow the process through to the finish. Good software skills and familiarity with all the tools needed are a must, and productivity is rewarded through a percentage of your billable hours included in your pay every week. I want to have the highest paid designers in the business and reward productivity handsomely.



Team Leader

$45/ hour M-F 9-5:30 + Percentage of all Billable Hours + Company Stock Plan

Team leader must be able to handle multiple projects as well as supervise the bidding and communications between team and client. This job demands excellent software skills, leadership qualities, and accountability. If you’re the best of the best then you are compensated accordingly.


Employee Stock Ownership Plan

The company has funded an employee stock ownership plan that gives all employees, Junior Designers and above, one share of stock for each hour worked. In addition, Designers and Team Leaders also receive a share for every hour billed. We believe our employees should have a vested interest in our success and will do everything we can to make that so.