Pricing and Proposals


After our initial meet and greet, we generate a time table for your project and give you a minimum and a maximum price estimate.

Below is our process.

#1 Pencil and Paper- We flesh out all of our ideas on pencil and paper. A team of at least two designers will research, brainstorm, and provide rough sketches of at least two or three good ideas to you. After approval we move on to sketches and rough drafts.

#2 Sketches and Rough Drafts- The selected idea is refined, colors are introduced, and rough drafts are created in appropriate software. Two or three different directions are presented for your approval. After approval we move on to pre-production.

#3 Pre Production- We finalize the designs and present the finished drafts needed for the project. After approval and a double check, we move on to production.

#4 Production- We produce all assets needed for the project and make them available in your private Google Drive.

#5 Post Production- We can implement and manage any project that we design for you.

Billing- Each step(#1-#5) is billed at the time of approval. Any project can be put on hold at anytime and restarted at a later date.


We have the resources to do must jobs completely in house. There are times when we need to go outside and use a vendor, such as renting a helicopter to drop rubber ducks into a swimming pool, or something like that. Any outside work will be approved up front, and options will be given. We reserve the right to charge a 15% management fee on top of the vendor’s charge if we will be doing the work with them.


Please use the form below to contact us, we will respond within one business day. Thank you.


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