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Update I want to thank Professor Fikaris and his Design Process class for all of their hard work and inspiration. It was an honor to be the designated client and the class did a great job, researching, brainstorming, developing, and presenting ads for my passion project, Below are some of the final submissions as well as links to the… Read more →

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Originally, I started I Photo New York in 1986 as,  a photo blog I built using At the time, I had just moved back to New York after a two year absence. While I was gone and living in Chicago, I picked up the habit of carrying my camera and taking pictures wherever I went. When I got back… Read more →

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The Idea Factory

This is probably the best example of our end to end process at the Idea Factory. We developed the concept, incorporated, designed the site and logo, worked on copy and functionality, set up a billing mechanism, and deployed. All in 4 weeks.     Read more →


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I credit animated gifs with sparking a new interest in digital photography and web design for me. I used to carry a tripod around with me in Chicago and shoot continuous motion photography. I edited them and made them into gifs, and then posted them on zyxwvvwxyz galleries Read more →